Tonya Harding Sex Tape
Tonya Harding Sex Tape

Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding was figure skating champion and the pride of the northwest.  In 1991 Tonya won the U.S Figure Skating Championships and placed second in World Championships.  Tonya was the first American Woman to complete a triple axel jump in competition.  Sadly, Tonya is best known for her fierce and unfair tactics to compete and her notorious sex tape.

January 6, 1994 Nancy Kerrigan was attacked while training for the U.S. figure skating championships.  The assailants attacked Kerrigan with a metal baton, which left her severely injured and unable to compete.  Rumors began circulating that Tonya Harding was behind the assault, which caused a media storm!  This story back in the 90’s had everything: drama, competition, and heartbreak.

Now flash-forward to the millennium and Tonya Harding has nude photos and sex tape circulating the Internet.  Tonya Harding sex tape is often called “Tonya Harding’s Wedding Night” because Tonya is wearing a wedding dress in part of the sex tape.  Tonya still has her rockin’ figure skating body in this sex tape and she is very drunk with her husband Jeff Gillooly.

It is was not long after the scandal that Jeff Gillooly’s name begun to fade from the spotlight.  He changed his name to Jeff Stone, and the sold the sex tape to a tabloid after being implicated as a conspirator in the 1994 Kerrigan attack.  Penthouse later released stills of the video as photos and later in September 1994 the tapes itself was released.   Tonya tried to distance herself from the video but there was no way to contain this sex tape.

See more of the woman that rocked a serious scandal in the world of figure skating.  There is nothing that she won’t do to get on top!

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